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Testing 3-5 Years Essential
SOAP 3-5 Years Essential
Groovy 3-5 Years Essential
Continious Integration 3-5 Years Essential
Rest Api 3-5 Years Essential

To our customer we are looking for a test specialist in system testing. 

The central part of the National Pharmaceutical List is a register and a number of basic services. These services will connect to external systems (healthcare and pharmacy logistics systems). The mission involves system testing these services as well as underlying services. 

Consultant’s Responsibilities: 
As a test specialist, the consultant will work in an agile team in which all parts of the system will evolve, from database to business warehouse and external service interface. The consultant’s responsibility is to quality assure all parts and responsibility for system testing together with the team. The consultant can also work independently within his area of ​​responsibility. 

The assignment may include of the following information: 
– Design, implement and execute tests for the service and underlying business layers. 
– Update and create new automated tests running in continous integration (CI) pipeline. 
– For example, program in Groovy for the test automation and use testframe developed in Groovy.
– Participate in agile work. 

The assignment can change there eg The consultant may be included in other projects or work more with automated CI tests. 

From an attached CV, the following skills, experience and ability can be read: 
1) At least one (1) years of experience in designing, implementing and executing non-graphical interface systems (eg, service-based platform, back-end tests). At least six (6) months of work experience should be acquired sometime during the last two-year period. 
2) Want to work independently and in cooperation with others 
3) Relevant university or college education, equivalent education or work-acquired knowledge. 
4) Good skills and experience with ReadyAPI / SoapUI tests of Soap or Rest-based services. 
5) Good knowledge and experience in testing automation generally, such as automation of REST-based services. 

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