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C/C++ 1-3 Years Essential
.NET 1-3 Years Essential
C# 1-3 Years Essential
800 xA 1-3 Years Essential

For our client we are looking for a Software Engineer.

Job description:
The assignment is to be part of a team which is working on extending System 800xA to be compatible with OPC UA.

Software Engineering consists of the development, introduction and application of software to respond to customer requirements and to cost-effectively provide a means of analyzing, producing, distributing and storing information.Under general guidance of supervisor or more experienced engineer, perform various engineering duties requiring the exercise of judgment and application of standard engineering principles and practices. Pursue initiatives to improve effectiveness of the group and increase customer satisfaction or full fill legal or other agency requirements

The development is executed in agile scrum teams (In a SAFe-inspired model) and experience of such work environments are expected.

Technical requirements: C++, COM (Component Object Model),
NET Framework 4.5 or later

Appreciated knowledge: C++/CLI
OPC Classic.

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