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Competence Experience Priority
Bank & Finance 3-5 years necessary
Project Management 5-10 years necessary


To our customer, we are looking for a project manager. The 
purpose of the project is to ensure the correct delivery of MREL (minimum requirement for write-downs) reporting Q4 2018. As a project manager, you need to have a good knowledge of the regulations and their various parts. There is already a lot of information in the customer’s DataWarehouse today, but there is a developmental need and the development will be done by CGi. Claiming is mainly made by Banking, but the project manager is expected to be involved as needed. 
The tasks primarily concern managing the project, monitoring delivery in time, ensuring that all stakeholders get the right information and responsible for the administrative parts of the project (lead steering committee meetings, budget follow-up, transfer to management, etc.). 
The work also includes being able to lead and evaluate the tests that need to be done before production and as mentioned above, to support the requirement if necessary. 

Meritative skills: 
• Experience running projects related to bank-related government reporting to Finansinspektionen (preferably from reports like Finrep and Corep). 
• Overall knowledge of the essential items in a bank balance sheet 
• Prestigious 
• Accurate and structured in their way of work 

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