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Linux 5-10 Years Essential
Software Development 3-5 Years Essential
Continious Integration 1-3 Years Essential
Cloud Technologies 1-3 Years Essential

For our client we are looking for a Software Developer

Job description:
We are looking for an experienced Developer to work with Continuous Delivery & Deployment. Our customer is looking for new and exciting ways to continuously deliver and deploy cloud software products into customers’ networks. Typical tasks in this assignments:
– Work with finding effective detailed solutions to abstract requirements / problem formulations.
– Be able to evaluate different tools, try them out and prototype solutions, to understand their limitations and feasibility.
– Make effective and efficient implementations from higher level system design and architectural boundary condition.

You will be part of a team with other developers in a geographical distributed setup.

Required skills:
• You should have a Bachelor/Master of Science in relevant area (e.g. Science within Electrical Engineering, Data Communication, Computer Science and Engineering, Software Engineering of Distributed Systems, Engineering Physics) or equivalent formal education.
• You must be fluent in English for this job.
• Experience working in Linux/UNIX environments
• Understanding of the concept of a Deployment Pipeline
• Experience and understanding of scripting and workflow configuration. You should be able to handle several scripting languages (e.g. bash, python) and config data formats (e.g. yaml, json)
• Experience of web technologies such as webhooks, REST interfaces and microservices.
• Knowledge in CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Spinnaker or Gitlab
• Experience with Git

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