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IP (Internet Protocol) 1-3 Years Essential
Testing 1-3 Years Essential
C/C++ 1-3 Years Essential

For our client we are looking for a C Developer

Job description:
We are currently looking for skilled C developer to join our customers company working with telecom development. You will join a team that is cross-functional, self-organizing, international and highly independent. You and you ream are responsible for design, implement and test the feature, product and system from requirements to production and commercial deployment, this comes with a life cycle responsibility for a part of the product.

The first phase of this assignment will be with a test or implementation focus. Most of our customers product code is C/C++, test and development scripts are developed in TTCN, Perl and Python and knowledge in these are very meritorious.

Required skills:
• MSc/BSc level in Computer Science or the equivalent level of knowledge
• Fluent in English, written and oral.
• Deep knowledge and experience of C development.
• Understanding of IP protocols and IP-based routing in an embedded environment and a passion to learn and develop new skills

Our customer uses ,amongst other, the following technologies, and you are expected to know some of them, and be willing to learn more:
• C/C++, Python, TTCN
• Linux development, working with high performance Linux application
• Docker, Docker Swarms, Kubernetes
• Service Based Architecture, Micro Services
• GIT, Gerrit, Jenkins
• L2/L3, Routing, 3GPP
• tcpdump, wireshark and other packet analysis tools
• Debugging, analyzing core dumps, GDB, ASAN, Coverity
• Network simulators
• Eclipse/MS Code

Preferred skills:
• Skills in data communication

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